Life is not everyone’s cup of tea
These words evoke monstrous flows
I was once ashamed of
but now embrace.

There were obscure times in life
that I want to eradicate from my mind,
when one’s happiness was imprisoned and getting rusty
on the pavements of depression

I’ve acquired a precious, zippy dream
because He has given me the power
to do all things through Him.
My dreams enamoured my heart
to zealously emulate my desire.

He has brightened my path
for He saw the propitious within me.
His existence inspires me
to accomplish my goal.

Out of circumstances that are rooted in pain
I hopefully praise Him.
Up above situations that try to bury me
I genially rise.
I maintain my confession
and assertively stand,
because I am courageous
I am brave and virtuous.

The calamities of life
breaking down my enthusiasm
I defeated,
because I am gracefully broken

I am therefore complacent,
for His mysterious peace has
fallen upon my life.
I ought to magnify Him
for He is magnanimous.

Out of me flows rivers
of living water.
I am brave and wise
I am created in God’s image
and share the same DNA as Christ
I am a winner, victorious, glory be to God!