Human rights – I wish I can bury you to hell and fire you to purify your stains on a blanket that I won’t feel comfortable to wear, as a black man

What are human rights if I’m slowly slaughtered by violent abuse and rape now that my heart bleed to death for that I drown in a blood river?

The racism we meet does not only exist on an individual basis, for it had killed my superiority and woke the dead to give life to inferiority

I dig deep with my mind in the ground to arm myself with guns to kill this false political coalition between black and white, for I’m the Son of God

Allow me to stab my enemies with the cross of crucifix to murder the devil inside of me. For he is not welcome here, so I let him burn in the pages of the holy bible
I read verses that cast out the demons, for words are holy water against their racist faces

The basic of human rights is freedom
The right to my own body
That is written in my ancestors’ graves
For they are seeds that will soon grow to be a tree bearing fruits that will feed my nation’s hunger

Bring back my true religion, for everything had its turn to be a white lie that’s hidden in ancient, forbidden secrets to the lost souls

Who are molested by the reality that teaches our women how to be prostitutes? For it is expensive to be poor: the cost of leaving is too high
But still I rise above the rest to knock on heaven’s door to escape from the angel of darkness where stars shine

I’m guilty of charge. Electrify me with a life sentence; I will serve my time, for human right judge me.
Barricade me with barbed wires. When I emancipate myself from mental slavery, don’t be surprised

My open wounds exercise freedom of expression and say I need to be free.