Ever told about the Lamb of God?
The provider of silver and gold
Recognised as a saviour by those early believers
Believers known as nothing but school leavers
His name is Jesus
About him you somewhere heard?
The only son of the most high God
One who with prayer raised the dead
And fed multitudes with two fish and five bread
Him without we are spiritually dead
His name is Jesus
Scriptures proved with him nothing was impossible
For all his powers were irresistible
With holy powers he healed many on earth
Especially those who in him had faith
His name is Jesus
Came from no man but the holy spirit
All to win back to God our spirits
Man with power to wash away sin
Named before he was born
A soul known before seen
His name is Jesus
About him at church you might have heard
A man who evil spirits feared
Through him humankind was saved
A Great performer of miracles
A teacher with parables
His name is Jesus
The one who on water top walked
Offending him many to death were cursed
Only man to whom nature listened
A friend to the poor and oppressed
His name is Jesus
Though righteous he was killed
Three days later he was resurrected
Now he’s in heaven with the almighty God
Yet also exists on this earth as our comforter
To all our battles he is the fighter
His name is Jesus
He got eternal life don’t doubt
Seek him before time runs out
A master of forgiveness
A man full of all kindness
His name is Jesus