What has become of this world?

Women did what to who?

Most of the cemeteries, hospitals and sorrows
Are full of women, only because they said
He will change.

He will change, he will not change!
To stop the violence women need to digest the fact
That he will never change, he is what he is.

He’s still gonna kick you, he’s still gonna strangle you,
He’s still gonna rape you. If you don’t walk out now,
We will be singing amagugu! My sister we will
Come to the mortuary to recognise your body,
With sadness and shame of finding you
Slaughtered with wide-open legs.

The world is full of tears, because of us “men”
We don’t protect enough, hence we do not
Need to change but we to respect women
Our women, our mothers, our sisters and our daughters.

It’s hard seeing a woman being beaten up and dumped like a sick dog.

I pray fellow South Africans, I pray for respect to strengthen up,
We cannot change the world but we respect ourselves
And the world will change for itself.