My black crow roused from the ashes of the earth
My black crow saved me from my inner self
My black crow gave me a feather to scribble my love
My black crow my saviour
Or is it?

Pride never swallowed your love
My heart was never that corrupt not to be loved
Black crow filled the blanks in my thoughts about how to be loved
Black crow took the darkness that clouded my heart
Does love live in my black crow?

Autumn winds blew my black crow towards me
Falling leaves showered me with your texture
Love put itself on my chest like it was raindrops
Dark feathers blanketed my shoulders with comfort
Black crow are you my dark knight?

Your gaze in the dim autumn afternoons fills me with pleasure
My heart beats at a tempo that has never been recorded
The love that you have shown me exists in the midst of galaxies
Black crow love presented by darkness to light
Black crow are you my Light Vader?