Early, we would have planned to meet,
Choosing an outfit exactly to match,
Leaving our companions jealously bewildered
By how explicitly we express our love.

Had it not been for the distance,
On the dusty road we would have walked,
Stepping on the footprints of long-gone couples
And with one hand in the other,
Too close to smell the sweet scent of your perfume.

Had it not been for the distance,
We would have sat on our usual veranda,
Slightly feeling the sun’s rays and the gentle breeze
Patiently waiting for your gentle voice to sing the day’s new song.

But now that we are apart,
May we, on this day, recall our memories,
Imagine the love we could have given to each other,
Pour our hearts into pen on paper
Lastly, letting the message fly away purposefully
Hoping that the other will see it and smile.