Growing up without a father is painful
It felt hard but I kept going on
He was never there for me in my needy era
I was never guided but learnt the hard way
Today I’m lacking the fatherhood commitment in my life.

He never showed enough pride and care for me
Every day I kept on fooling myself that he would call
There were times whereby I needed answers but he never was there
When others talk about fathers I just close my eyes and drop a tear
Crawling to manhood without any knowledge is not easy but worth it.

Last time around him, he abused me severely
He bullied me like I was never his son
The only way to life was by escaping forever
After then my heart declared as a child without a father
Only a mother that made me the man I am today.

Severely the pain he put me through was conveyed by my heart
Surely now he’s sorry but fortunately it’s too late
For about 13 years hurting the pain of my existing past
I embarked and grew up the harder way in life
He’s nothing but a sperm donor to me.

My past will never reflect the future of my children
They will always have a father, unlike me
Money can buy everything except the love of a parent
Today I claim to be the luckiest man to come right after such hardship
I couldn’t tolerate maltreatment therefore I had to run away and disown him.