Like a blanket coating my pain
Lies a fog – white and pure
Little dew droplets wash
And soothe my sadness like a cure

Beneath the sunrise, dawn pass
My hearts wounds are exposed
Night brakes and my memory awaken
Streams, tears, my love is out of sight.

Long waited is the day I shall see your face
As innocent and pure as a baby
Looking in my soul, shadowed by smiles
Lost, your heartbeat is my guide.

Flowers spring with joy among grass blades
A cricket sings a song of my lonely heart
Beneath the sunrise lies comfort
The natural warmth of your embrace.

Shall I search the valleys, walk the hills
Wander upon the land till night falls
The beholder of my heart await
She will encircle and extinguish my darkness.

Beneath the sunrise
Her face will once again
Light up my world
Beneath the sunrise.