I can’t hide my tears no more
It gets harder everyday
Feels like I’m so wrong yet I haven’t seen you for so long
I can’t handle thoughts of you
Worse is no memories with you
That first sight was the last
No idea when it will end

If I could remember our love
I honestly don’t know what would come to mind
Beside your name, beside your smile
And the sound of you telling me you love me

I can’t lie anymore and pretend nothing’s wrong
Cannot reach you each time I miss you
Can’t be with you when I need you
Expressing what’s in my heart
Hoping to touch your heart, a heart I can’t seem to have

I listened to you over and over again
Believing your empty promises
Giving faith in our love that’s why it seemed unbreakable
Yet its pain, totally unbearable

I have given my all to keep it strong
But now I have to accept that I can’t really have you
So I had to force myself and say goodbye