All you ever say is that you want MORE from me.
And I just wonder to myself how much will it take
For you to finally be satisfied?
How much MORE of myself do I have to lose
For you to acknowledge that I’ve tried?
When will you stop seeing me as
Who you could’ve and should’ve been,
And finally see me for who I really am from within?

I hopelessly hold on to my true purpose as
I feel it wearing away at the soles of my feet,
As I try to keep up with you
On this one-way road version of life.
You break me down in an attempt to use my potential
To make your childhood dreams complete,
Hacking away at any chance of escape with your words
That cut deeper than the edge of a knife.
You use my God-given skills & talents like wood
That burns to dust trying to keep a fire burning,
Like that same wood, my destiny releases
Agonising screams of smoke, for it knows
It has no hope of returning.
You put me through so much torture and
Excuse it by telling me that greatness
Requires a great sacrifice.
You shower me in unsympathetic and
Demoralising comments that you disguise as advice.

You say to me, “If you want to be as good
As I would’ve been, you gonna need to do
MORE my child, a lot MORE than that.”

Well this is me saying NO MORE!

Today I am breaking free from these four walls
You claim are LOVE.
I am unshackling these chains on my wrists and feet
You say are GUIDANCE.
I am finally taking off these overalls that are stained in
WHAT COULD’VE BEEN and I am living for me!

I mean no disrespect at all and we could both easily
Move past the things you’ve put me through.
But WARDEN please! Don’t hold me accountable
For the injustices life has done you.
Let me be free to spread my wings and fly!
Release me from solitary confinement and allow me
To experience myself.
Let me…

Are you even listening to ME?
Can you even see ME?

I’m innocent, I swear!
I’ve been convicted of a crime I had no part in.
Can anybody hear me!? Please, help me!
Somebody please!
Warden, release me.