Drowning in tears
No one wants to be near
Though yesterday I had friends
And my boy was holding my hand
My heart bruises more as I can’t get hold of all

Why everybody is hiding
Wish I knew so I could stop trying
Each time I’m defining the reason why
My heart strikes like I’m dying

Why I got involved, will I ever know?
Now I want out, I can’t say
Clearly because I care, but still can’t stay

Day and night I always fear
Whether the day shall come and my heart will tear
But today it seems clear there’s no more care
And I’m torn because the day is here

My loved ones I trusted
But all along I was tested
Now I reflect being neglected and nobody tries to prevent it
Some days I’m brave to walk away
Then I pull back and pretend there’s no pain
But today real pain is what I gained
Still I stay because I don’t wish to hurt you

If it’s not because of you that I feel this way though I have you
Then I guess I do deserve to be alone