Never surrender your life to a person.
People change,get mad or even die.
But God is always there for you when you need him.
The good moment is not the moment you smile
before kissing someone or reading a sweet message
from the person you call “bae”

Not when you celebrate a birthday and
receive a gift that you were budgeting for.
Not when you laugh at your enemies
trying to be you after failing to destroy you.

But a good moment is when a silent friend start talking
after realising the pain you held long inside you.
I am not sorry but positive that what you are going
Though is gonna pass by if you let it go.

People are breathing just fine and enjoying their
Devotion in their Christianity lifestyle. Remember
You’ve once been there. With the desire to know the
Good and evil but came a time when you forgot all
the good God did and started comparing yourself
With the lost ones.

Thinking that they were happy with their premarital
Relationships. Until you got in there. Now the whole
Life is just one big puzzle that you can not put together.

Remember what God did for you. Don’t you think
He can do much better if you could run back to him?
Well you have the chance to make a choice and bring
The change into your life. If my words can’t help you.
Surely they will save someone in your conditions out there.