Trust no one
Says my heart
Trust em’ all
Says my mind

Then I become confused
I’ve fought a good fight
And won my amazing race
My enemies have failed

My opposition fell
I have suffered for good
Abused for no cause
Tripped for no purpose
Hurt for no apparent reason
All by the people I truly love
By those I honestly trust

By those I never thought they’d be capable of this
But now I see the bigger brighter picture
I was stupid to trust y’ all

That was the last time I ever did
You will never dare again
Try me and I’ll show you what you’ve created in me
You’ll never hear of me again

Trust Is something you don’t just get
It’s earned
I may trust you now
But never on what my life depends on

Never upon what leaves my life a stake
My wrath overwhelmed me
But now I conquered myself
Let not thus be in my opinion ever again

I am a conqueror
Thought you were done with me
But you thought so wrong
I’ll follow my heart

And take my mind with me
I won’t leave it behind
Trust is a double trouble we’ll never enjoy
But endure for a new life span

Trust nobody
Because trust doesn’t trust you
But there’s only One that I trust
Even though trust is one thing

I’m still stupid to trust one
Don’t be like me