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Lalas is indeed a rare breed of an artist , his artistry and sophistry has been exuded both in act and word. His poetry cry for spaces in the columns in some established media houses, his music blended with poetry is sweet to my eyes. Nurture your dreams my brother , continue dreaming big and please forget not to unlease your potential.
Ndumiso Mnkandla · 7 years ago
Hello kholo,I'm a grade 10 student at Clairwood Secondary school in Durban,just read u are a writer and motivational speaker,your books are really inspiring,it shows u write them with ur heart.My dream is to become writer and maybe publish a book oneday.I am a Christian,not only on paper but spiritualy,I have written some stories but have finished none,would love to travel to England oneday and publish a book based on my country Zimbabwe where I proudly come from,I promise u 8years from now,I'm going to be a a successful author and I apply faith in those words,plus the prophecy I received from my spiritual father makes me a strong writer and knowingly sure that prophecy will come to pass,and I shall too be a living testimony :)and please keep writing I have become a true fan of yours
kzee · 8 years ago
Charity · 8 years ago