Deep within the township lies my home
The mysterious ghetto where even the loneliest ain’t alone
The filthy ghetto where dreams rise like dust
The dangerous ghetto where to survive you do as you must
The greedy ghetto where nothing ever lasts

Ghetto the incubator of kings and queens
Ghetto the playmaker of a game no one wins
The crafty ghetto where riches are made from rags
The spiteful ghetto where your enemies were once your best friends
The blissful ghetto that only follows its own trends

The fearsome ghetto that’s got its dwellers counting their fears
The uncompassionate ghetto that smiles whenever we’re shedding tears
Ghetto the comfort of all those disqualified in the competition for bread
Ghetto my king that’s got everyone bowing to the dead
Ghetto my queen caring for the waking dead

Ghetto this psycho that chains the weak with the smoke
Ghetto this treadmill that’s got everybody chasing notes
Ghetto this hypocrite that denies you whenever success calls out your name
Ghetto this field with no posts denying us our goals leaving us with no aims
Ghetto this altar neglecting its children because they can’t pray

This deadly beautiful ghetto hiding its rage in the dusk
The indiscrete ghetto where criminals wear no masks
The glimmering ghetto shining brighter than the city of lights
The scandalous ghetto that’s got the neighbour’s eyebrows reaching for new heights
Ghetto my home blooming with promise even the blind seek shades
‘Cause at a glance it looks so bright