My true smile keeper.
The joy and the excitement I have when I’m meeting you.
I like the fact that you’re the only one who can make me look stupid
And actually feel good about it.
I think you should slow it down with your name-calling, I feel stupid.

I love the giggling sound of your laughter, I so miss it every day when we are apart.
I’m always soft around you because you give us the best warm cuddles ever.
I become selfish about you at times.
I don’t wanna share you, I’m afraid of losing you.
What if you find another best friend and what will happen to us?

I miss your stupid jokes that we find funny anyway.
My only partner in the whole universe.
Forgive me, you my weakness.
I like the fact that you can call me any time for a quick chat and a catchup.
The is no dull moment with you.

This distance does not keep us apart.
We may not talk that much but you are always there when you are needed.
You encourage me to be brave and strong.
I would swear we were siblings in the last life.
You encourage me to dream and reach for the sky.