A nice pair everyone can have, to share secrets
to cry together and to laugh the pain out
I thought you were there for me and that you cared about me.
Alas, I was wrong, the only thing that intrigued you about me
is that I was a fool enough to pour my heart to you.
As always, you were there for me
whenever I had trials and tribulations in my life
Only to find out you were just being nosey about my life
It really broke my heart
Finding out that you were behind rumours that escalated around.
Regardless, I forgave you although I’ll never trust you again.

It’s true, you can love them all but trust none.
The only thing you taught me
was to stay away from telling my problems to people
and to trust me enough to fix my life.
Friends can make you or destroy you, but
I guess it’s life to meet the ones that will ruin you, gossip about you.
The best one can have are those that will teach you.