Greeting beauty of nation,
I am inspired by your motion,
I want to give my love,
But forced to fly like dove,
I don’t mean to fly away,
I just saw no chance no way,

Your smile is beauty gold,
Which makes me hold,
I am always bold,
But now feel cold,

Though I am holding back my feeling,
I am trying so hard to make appealing,
Smooth rain reminds me of you,
Also when clouds are blue,

I’m a Christian but willing to sacrifice goat,
In exchange for love coat,
I don’t care about your past,
‘Cause my love grows very fast,

Are you from heaven,
You make me feel like haven,
Are you holy,
I love you wholly,
Or let me forget,
Because it looks like we never met,
You are supreme,
Maybe this is just a dream.