The memories we shared now only exist in my head
It’s sad I find comfort in someone else’s cold arms
No wonder my heart shrinks like a wilted dove
And true love I once believed exist
Vanishes in the thin air like smoke in mist.
You are missed dearly.

I had to settle for less
People like me don’t deserve the best.
It hurts, my heart’s in pieces,
My mind is stuck on what used to make it whole.
Roses are red I’ve forgotten the colour of love,
Yet somehow my heart still keeps a beat for you.
Bit by bit I lose myself in order to fit into someone else’s false fairy tale.
A harsh reality to wake up to.
They say you don’t realise you’ve got it until you lose it
But I’ve always been afraid of losing you.

Time’s a healer and waits for no man
Years later I still think about you
In someone else’s arms.