I love it when I make you smile,
My heart beats very fast,
I guess I feel very high,
It is so special when you laugh,
All my troubles recede,
I feel resuscitated.

The sound of your voice clears all the noise,
Where I was blind it eventually unfolds,
Your love keeps me in balance,
I guess it shapes me for the future,
I get even, I am no longer an odd number,
You are on my speed dial,
I call you every time I miss you,
It feels like a fairy tale.

Your love rips me apart,
It feels like a dream I do not want to be awakened from,
Short story long I am fascinated,
Broken bridges are mended with your feather touches,
It all goes accordingly I swear it was godly writings.

True love stands and shines even when it is dark on the other side,
I am, you are, we are building,
The seed has been planted,
I feel more calm, the storm is just passing,
Nothing can stand in our path because we are one,
I love you so much!