I’ve being so fast and a holes digger
No one run, eat and hide like me;
I was a master of all houses
Inside the house,
By the night cry my shoes
The leftovers I ate and crush
Their cloths I made them rugs;
They spend sleepless night
When I was around

Poison and snag were there for me
Death couldn’t touch my tail
I’ve been so wise and untouchable;
I never thought of anything
Faster than I
Oh! My God forgive me
For doing thus

I didn’t know that it would be my fate
That I the wiser and fastest animal,
Will die like this
To die in the house of gogo;
By surprise I was in his tough nails
He was stronger and faster than I
My God forgive me,
I am not trying to complain
For the life that took away from me
I am just reminding You
That there will be no remembrance,
Nor grave, nor tombstone for me
Forgive me for dying in my sins

My girlfriend
Poet: Tumelo Joseph Ramovha
Publisher: FunDza Literacy Trust

My love, Ntombi Pindile Cebisa
Night I dreamed, morning I loved you
True love I dream, morning we smile
Your cute voice make me feel welcomed
Old we grow together

You will be mother of my generation
Children will be born, born
Love, love we gonna share
Our promise we gonna keep
With God we gonna achieve

Day what a day?
The day will come we will meet
Together we gonna know each other
Forever we gonna be best couples

Married is our achievement
I love you Ntombi
Venda boy loves you
No matter what

Love… love… love… love
Kiss, kiss my angel
Trophy of true gold love shared
Your treasure of my soul, my heart.