We came from a long long way.
We travel on a path fill with
Pain and sorrow. We walk on a
Road of grieved and trouble.

But love has kept us together.
Through the darkest path of
Life. Life try to take us
Apart but destiny has kept
Us together.

We cry, laugh and share your
Deepest secret. Because destiny
has bond us together.
Meeting you was never a regret.

Your smile is priceless and your
heart is fill with kindness.
Joyous,wonderful, and cuteness
Is your name. Meeting you as a
Friend, is what I love.

Having you more than a friend
Is so dearly to my heart. Your
Presence has had me in a cloud
Land. Your smell is like a
Sweet perfume.

You make my heart beat and you
Are my love song. Long long
Long ago, we met as friends.
But now, we are more than a