I heard soft, sneaky footsteps
Coming from the south direction
Unreserved my optics
Next instance disturbing sound
Coming from the kitchenette,
“Boom boom”,
Unnatural odour diffused
through my nostrils.
Breath velocity rapidly advanced
Sluggishly shifted my head
toward the window
Gradually removed the fleece
Blanket that shielded my head.
Opened the curtain, wiped the
Heavy night frost that camouflaged
the bow window but saw nothing.
Legs departed on the numbing
Concrete flooring
Slowly moved toward the
Noise direction.
Crouching posture stood in
between the couches
Unexpectedly sinister wind
Forcefully banged the backroom
Window; sound of shattered glasses
Filled the room.
Without hesitation snappily run
Switched on the lights;
Greatly surprised there stood
Cookie with excitement “woof woof”
Coated with mud
Whilst I stood there breathless
With my miniature body attached
On the cold walls
Shivering, frightened and ready to