One God! One human race!
One human race! One God!
Peace in our land!
Peace in our lifetime!

Black nation of South Africa,
the home where evil doing be rooted!
Citizenry are dying from 5G networking,
ravishment and necromancy accusations,
larceny by threat of violence
And you can cry on its genitors,
and the failing law does aid.

“I perceive, I perceive,” said a dazzled man,
assuring his deafened old lady
sitting at the corner of a gueridon.

Will this aid to rise up for yourselves
also lighten up your minds
as to set down all your hopes
from those shelves you desired?
Against all odds, I contravene; this world deepened.

Rouse ye, masses of Azania!
Nothing will change under the ruling authorities,
only death which will cover this land.
If then you re different, you will forever sleep.
For all the alliances you have
ever made are in position
to utilise the resources evenly …
Will they unite and bring down this slayer?
The starvation that is rooted to this evil tree
and its granger is our regime.
Should you all die due to the wealth you harvest?
NO! Every being be a negro.

One God! One human race!
Peace in our land! Peace in our lifetime!