I am a gorgeous being.
A voluptuous thing.
A woman worth keeping.
I am a dangerous woman.
A magnanimous human.

I fight my own battles and always win.
YES!! I am undoubtedly a queen.
I am God’s most beautiful creation.
I am to be celebrated, I am the celebration.
I am mother nature herself, I am green.
I am royalty, I have always been.

I am a trailblazer, I am unstoppable.
I am powerful, very much capable.
I am loving and charismatic.
I stand my ground proud and unapologetic.
I am perfectly made from flesh to claws.
I make mistakes but I am not my flaws.
I am a real woman, a soldier and a boss.
Not having me by your side is a huge loss.

I am a beautiful woman.
I am a magnificent human.
A woman of pride.
A queen from the Xhosa tribe.
I carry myself with pride, I’m picky, I’m selective.
I am a beautiful woman, I am attractive.
Oh yes honey!! I am magnetic.
I am a woman like Africa, I am majestic.

I am proud to be a woman.
A woman is a very important human.
A woman is a magician.
By fire by force, she makes things happen.