Momma crying in the bathroom
Sunny day in a dark room
I’m on my knees, God forgive me
But I need money
Please give me

Ain’t eaten in three days
Worked hard for little pay
At least the rent is out the way
Stomach sings as I lay my head
Dream about a better day
Where I don’t have to watch momma suffer to clothe me
My little brothers and sister can go to school with no worries
Where money is the last thing on our minds
Because when all you want to do is survive
Money is the only thing you want to find

Why do I bother speaking my struggles?
I have ideas
I know how to get out of this jungle
Step one: finances…
If I could save one thousand

Salem! We have a problem
Rich man tells me money can’t solve our problems
I guess rich man ignores the issues money’s solving
Imagine funding ideas than handing me thin blankets