So many times they said I would fail
So many times they laughed
While I stumbled and fell
They said I was nothing
They said I was useless
Their words became my prison
Tying me up, in hopelessness and devastation
I felt lost never to be found
I ran and hid under lies,
Building sand castles and glass bridges
But Truth fell out and sent them crumbling
Waters burst out and washed them away
Positivity came in and brought in change
God shifted me and made them eat their words
He quickened me, I ran fast and left them behind
Holding on to these images of me long gone
I took their negativity and shoved it back to them
I said to myself, that which is not mine I will not keep
A fire was lit under me
I couldn’t stand still
I just had to leave it all behind
I just had to come out of fake love
Fake love, hypocrisy and deception

He said No, love them even if costs you everything
Forgive them even if it hurts
So there I went killing them with love
Putting all my heart into forgiveness
Like Jesus I took my cross and walked my path
I took His yoke and sat at his feet
Dining on sharp swords which tasted so sweet
Savouring truths that No-one can contend
He breathed fire and I inhaled it
He inhaled and I stopped, breathed
He exhaled and I came back to life
The master puppeteer,
Pulling my strings and making me whole
Making me grow and making glow
Shining so bright I light up the world
Rubbing off conformation filling in transformation

I left them behind with their cruel words and burning tongues
I crumbled their world and pressed in till they could not hold
What is mine, is mine
What is their, is theirs, that I will not have
I tied a visor to my eyes lest I lose focus
I tied myself to Him lest I be lost
Lest I fall and fail my faith
Lest I turn back and turn into salt
I have shackled myself to His feet so I can go where He walks
I lost myself and found Him
In finding Him I was disintegrated
Broken down, crumbled and crushed
Rebuked and chastened
The master Potter made me into fine clay
Molding me to His perfection
Yea I left them behind eating their words
And there I sat at His feet eating sharp swords