I was a giant,
Among the dragonflies,
It was the days of the giants,
Giant ‘doodoo boys ’ rumors flew over our heads in Ganta market,
A scarecrow of the ‘gronas’,

In the days of early nineties,
Rare were niceties,
But mama didn’t take chances,
We walked from Ganta to Saclepea,
Only two of us,

On a lonely road,
Till I found out that we were not alone,
Dragonflies and bees were by, sucking nectars from flowers,
Mama walked on worrying about gronas with guns,

I strategized my giant moves on the dragonflies,
Allowed them to settle on a flower,
Studied their constant black wings,
But some had red bodies,
While others were blue,
From Gleeyezorhpea to Kpaikpoa, I remembered their company,
From Saclepea back to Ganta,

They made me stay away,
From those caterpillars
Which became beautiful butterflies.