I have allowed people to say terrible things about me
And at some point in my life believed what they were saying was true
But I do not let those things define who I am.
I have lost the sense of who I am, but I can define myself in the subsequent terms
I am a woman, a very strong woman.
I am an African woman
Never mind how I’ve been structured because that doesn’t define who I am.
When I see a vulnerable child, it’s like a spear that is inserted in my heart, I feel the pain.
In case you didn’t know I instil and embrace the spirit of Ubuntu.
A child from next door could not go to bed hungry
while I have the means to provide her with food because
I still believe in the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child.
Don’t judge me by the appearance because you might be wrong about me
all I ask for is for you to spend time with me then you can make the judgement.
I am an intelligent and independent woman
When people perceive me with my smile, they assume that I have no problems at all,
but the truth is I am a human being just like you and I have problems like anybody else.
I am a writer and that’s how I express myself.
I am beautiful and different, some people sometimes wish they could be me,
I don’t think you want to be me at all,
I don’t think you would manage to pass what I went through
and do not wish that anyone could go through what I went through.
I am a helper, assistant and colleague.
I am a hope and trust to others. I am a social worker, a solution to people’s problems.
If you want to know the real me, these terms describes who I really am.
When I die I would like to be remembered as an intelligent and brave woman.