I used to believe that love does not exist; it was hard for me to explain the meaning of love until I met you
Your love for me is hard to express with words, sometimes I believe you were sent by Messiah to mend my broken heart
The way you hold me, it reminds me of the way I was covered by my mother with pillow
You never shouted at me, instead you sit down and talk to me
You include me in every decision you make
You make me feel like I am the only existing woman in this world
You love me with my impediments
You trusted even when I never trusted my self
You never give up on me even when I gave up on you
You always come home happy even when you know the inside is hurt
You never displaced your frustrations on me
When I am angry at you, you always apologise
You always tell me to forget about the bad things of the past and focus on the future as it brings great things
You the only friend that I can share my secrets with
You gave me life and motivate me to keep going
You remind me that it is not important how many times I’ve fallen but was is important is to get up and continue with the journey
You always include me in your schedule