It’s rare for me to pour out my heart
I usually prefer just to write, or better yet, keep quiet
Somethings I realised with time, that they’re better off not done
Opening up is not an easy thing for some of us
Some of us who’ve been hurt and disappointed so many times,
And some of us have even lost count

If I could, I’d let you see the scars
Deep down there’s a desire to love, but it just seems to always hide
Deep down there’s a yearning to be loved, but it’s just never enough
After trying so much, I just wonder why bother now?
Why wake up something that can’t possibly be ever done?

Love shouldn’t be so hard,
Or maybe that’s what happens when it wasn’t real from the star?
Maybe it’s just a loose four-letter word to us.

Well, I wonder do you mind If I ask,
And please answer these one by one
I have a feeling this moment is ours,
And while I’m at it,
I’ll mention all the things I dream of concerning us
Like how you could be mine, and like how I could be your sunshine
You’re special in my life, so much
And that didn’t even take a while
Natural vibes, God’s gift to us

Now let me describe
The way you walk, the way you smile
I’m in love with what you’re all about
You’re a different guy
You’re shy, but still manage to shine
A subliminal hype
A power no woman can fathom

I told you how precious you are
I might have blurted it out,
But you know what they say about the contents of the heart
I hope you really don’t mind
What I’m about to confess in the next lines might blow your mind
But I’ve never been more dedicated to a rhyme
You’re reminding me again as to why I love to write
You’re igniting my passion, and that’s a plus
You, in my life, is a must

So back to the questions I want to ask
The essence of what this piece is truly about
True lovers who basically do whatever they want
Who love each other no matter what,
Despite how the world and others may judge
Their love rises on top of that
Always high, and rooted deep down
Anchored on trust

I told you I’d blow your mind
So glad I have your attention now
Been trying to get your focus for a while

Forget the other girls, they’re mediocre
I know how easy it is for men to get distracted by posers
Yet I see you as a strong soldier
The light I see when I’m staring at the stars as a loner
The breath I take and pray it never gets over
You’re on each mental page I turn over
The thought of you never gets older.
Your smell is a bonus
Tall and dark skinned, you and I are akin
Out of this world, a supernova

Do you mind if we get closer?
Do you mind if I recite this piece to you over and over?
Do you mind if I stare at you at night till the sun rises tomorrow?
Do you mind if I tattooed your name all over?
Do you mind if…
You were my only guy?
I rejected all the others waiting in line?
I told them about you and I?
I mentioned you to everyone?
I said your name right now?

How would that make you feel for the rest of your life?
Happier? Would you smile?
Do you mind?
I definitely wouldn’t mind.

I’d do those things for you even if you didn’t ask
I’d do those things for you without ever thinking twice
Just tell me do you mind?
There’s a lot of truth in this rhyme
I’m not even subliminal
I’ve put aside the puns for once
You’re worth that much
No run-arounds
No fronts

Do you mind?
I guess I’ll know that only in time
For now, just know that for-you- I-got-all-the-love!
It rises from deep down, and can be measured against all the heights
I wouldn’t lie
I really wouldn’t mind