United we stand, divide we fall.
If that’s the case then we have fallen,
Way too deep that we can’t hear our people call,
For their voices have been stolen.

Taken away by the struggle of their past.
The history that still today holds them captive.
We love together but lack love and trust.
For the struggle has left scars that leave us protective.

Like a security guard we don’t let anyone in.
We despise one another and only hold hands on occasions.
We’ve all been hurt mentally by the system that was a sin.
Yet even after the freedom, we still aren’t the ‘Rainbow Nation’.

We call out “one for all and all for one” in vain.
For we are anything but united.
The Europeans go to Africa for personal gain.
Once that’s archived, we are unwanted.

United we stand but divided we fall.
We’re divided in terms of language and race.
Judged to the extent that Africans become a Barbie doll
African, where are you?
You can’t even recognise your own face.