It’s funny because this is no love story
But like those golden tales you shall never feel lonely:

Once upon a time I was madly falling in love
All I seem to be doing lately is falling apart
Once upon a time I felt like my calling was love
Now I wonder if I was misled by my heart
Unlike those golden days when my hand freely sketched
An amazing master piece under the influence of pure art

My knees going weak at the thought of her smile
Unlike those days I cannot call her mine
A loud silence is booming from a distance
Because just for an instance love is not in the air
Although you may think this is fair
Because when I was needed I was never there

I feel a seed within me
A seed of hope that was left behind when she broke my heart
A million pieces that i may never find have been lost
But in my mind the memories made have engraved themselves
Hope in love is what i hope to find once again
I try to restrain my feeling and emotions within
But the concoction that they cause, causes me to wonder
Is there such a thing called true love?