You always get to us when we least expect you
You take away our loved ones at any time – why?
Death, you never seem to care about the loneliness you bring
Sometimes I wish life could defeat you once and for all
Death, why do you hate us so much?
Elders say that you are God’s will
I say that you’re the time bomb that creates anger unto mankind

Death, with all my heart I wish you never existed
But I guess our sins welcomed you
I hate you but I have no power over the Creator of earth
Death you’re so comfortable, even some of us are scared of you
I don’t know you, but I wouldn’t wish to meet you
I wish you had power to bring back our loved ones
But I guess you’re weak to do so
If God created you as well, then I have no control over you

Death, you’ve broken my heart in so many ways, even I am scared of you
I wouldn’t apologise for the hate I have for you
I’m certain that you’re the king of my generation
Death, why, death?