I wrote this letter in an amazing mood
With honest desire to become your man in reality.
I love to write and act.
Not to just dream about something.
I like to feel everything in reality.
I like to touch my dream in reality
And you happen to be my dream.
Are you prepared for such a bold confession from me?

How many sweet minutes did you give me in my dreams.
But you pay so little attention to me here.
I dream of spending my time with you.

I do not know anything about you.
Now I am happy having invented your
Tender attitude towards me.
Your sympathy.
Your love.
I don’t want to destroy this imaginary world with reality.

Just think, I am not only still capable of love.
It turns out that I can be jealous.
For the first time in my life I’m jealous.
Because it seems to me that a lot of guys are writing to you.

I want to be the only one
Who writes and sings for your heart.
How many chances are there to get to know each other.
How many turns in life a dream gives.
If after the next turn there is a cliff
Then there is always an opportunity to go the other way
In the next dream.

Any free minutes?
These are thoughts about our meeting.
I need you like the plants need the rain.
Dreaming about you makes life easier.
Dreams give peace and drive away fear,
Delight and grieve.
Bring a smile and better tears.