What have I done to you?
Why did you have to take my grandfather away from me?
Now, I will no longer hear his laughter nor see his smile
All because of you.

I know that love hurts but you are on another level
Why is that? Is it perhaps a competition between you two?
How do you sleep knowing that you have wiped someone’s smile forever?

What have we done to you, why are you so cruel?
You turn people into things that they are not.
Do you perhaps enjoy seeing us cry ourselves to sleep?

You really can cause someone a lot of suffering,
You just deserve an award for that.
How many families do you cause pain each day?

Each day I have to think about you
I just keep on wondering when are you going to
Strike back at me like you did two years back
Who are you coming for this time?
You are really heartless
When are you going to stop putting us through the hell
You put us through huh?