My time on earth is limited
I was born, I will die
For the day will come that even love,
Mother’s love will not save me
I have lived and used my time
A day will come when I will stare at the creator
Wrapped in a white cloth inside a wooden box
The coffin
Of all the pains of human life,
Death is final

With me lying on my back
Staring at the heavens that I won’t see
With no shoes on my feet
The noise of crying loved ones,
Fills my ears but I can’t hear I can’t breathe
Life has ended in me
I was once human, now I am dead ready for burial

Mother wallows in pain,
The pains at birth remind her of months she carried me.
Hymns they sing, scriptures they read
A send-off I need, a dignified departure

A hole is dug at the cemetery, miles from home
But now a home to me
One by one they throw heaps of sand on me
Earth swallows all of me,
On the mountain of sand above me, one dares to script
“REST IN PEACE” a sign that I once lived.

A cross is buried in the sand
When night comes, I roam around my new home
Those in the village shout “a ghost” but I was one of them.
Then you know I am dead and gone
Weep no more mother,
I am dead.