I’m so grateful to have you as an important part of my life
Personally you are my inspiration, I hope you know that
I wake up looking forward to every day because
I know I get to see your smile
Every day is a blessing to me because of you,
I love you dude

You are my entire world, part of the reason why I wake up
Loving you has been no mistake at all
Only you know me best, you know when
I’m most happy and when I’m most hurt
I will forever be grateful for the day I met you

Dude, no one hits the dancefloor like you do
My heart is always in a state of bliss because of you
You are the most perfect best friend anyone could ever ask for
I’m glad you are my best friend so no one can ask for you

I wouldn’t trade you for anyone or anything else
You are all I need, bestie
You notice everything about me, so I give you everything
In case you were wondering who this person was

His name is Aphiwe Mlonyeni
A hundred hearts could never carry all my love for you