I remember as in yesterday it was Saturday evening…
Had a sleepless night when life faced a pain that I won’t forget in life.
Never thought death would visit and take my mom away from me.
Heart bled in cold weather, wish I slept early that day.
If only I had smelled death, I would have chased it away.

Felt a missing piece when I woke up on Sunday morning.
Shed tears when I saw mom not moving.
Pain became stronger than my emotions
When death became my enemy in reality.
The sound I could hear was the pain from my heartbeat.
Pain of death is the pain that I don’t want to see again in my life.
Allow me to kill death ‘cause it also needs to rest in peace.

I do believe we can defeat everything but can we defeat death?
We lose loved ones so horrifically, sometimes wonder what do we gain?
We love to live just afraid of the last days in this life.
We’re born to live so you say death is our happy ending?