Words are never enough
To explain how I feel about you
While walking in the valley
Of sadness
When loneliness was about to
Have me
At the site of your presence

I run
Like a trained athletic
I jumped without being aware
I crushed
It happened all too sudden
I tried to walk but
I fell
So hard that I cannot stop to
Recognise myself

What on earth is happening to me
I think about one thing
Day and night
The things I used to do
I no longer do
Because I am busy thinking
This might be a disease excuse me

Doctor the feeling I have
Is so strong but yet so
I don’t know whether if
I want it or need it
To tell you the truth
I think I want to need it

I’m lost in my own Fuentes
Just the thought of you
Makes my heart race
By grace
I am in love
#I love you senate