He stole,
comforted you
made you feel wanted
but it was all an act

My heart
he broke you
lied to you
betrayed you
Broke you into pieces

Look at you now
crying in pain
You can’t laugh
can’t love
lost hope

He is not coming back
He moved on without you
He can live without you
Why can’t you do the same?

It’s time for you to move on
Forget all the pain
It’s time to heal those wounds
Who is he anyway?
Just a stranger that you met who stole you
Break those chains and free yourself

Let him go without hate,
Let him go without
giving him an opportunity
to know your whereabouts,
Delete those numbers,
those memories
Let them die,
Dear heart,
you are much stronger

Just believe in yourself,
claim your power back
my heart, my heart oh,
dear heart!