The fact is you broke my heart
Never thought we would grow apart
Wish I knew how to hold a grudge
But I have no anger as I wave goodbye
You were once my world
But lately it’s me against the world
How do I rebuild again?
Start all over again?
Forgot how I used to live before us
For the longest time it was just us
Maybe I grew too accustomed to us
You walked all over me until I bled
All in all I was just your red carpet
You said airtime, I stopped breathing
You said night time, I stopped sleeping
You said chat time, I stopped reading
You cut through me, I’m still bleeding
Passive aggression has become my friend
I live a sad lonely life with my demons
Pain will bare me new infants
Meaning I’ll be Dad again
The grounds of sorrow will open up
Meaning I’ll be dead again
This is not just bad luck
I think I’m cursed again.