My girl is leaving tomorrow.
I got a running stomach so bad.
I can’t even try stopping it.
Only disaster and disappointment await me.

I am afraid and hurt by this event.
I am not afraid of the fact that she is leaving me behind.
I am scared that she will meet someone that will make her sad.

While she was with me the only tears shed were of happy moments.
Now only agony and sorrow will follow her.
She will start to miss my laughter and affection I showed her.
It will be too late ‘cause she is already committed now.

I am thankful I spent a short time with her.
I could see her glow in the nighttime.
I had to hold her hands walking in the streets.
I lay on her chest listening to her heartbeat and dreams.
Now I am alone and gazing at the stars.

I hope she finds infinite joy and love.
That she never loses herself and regrets letting me loose.
‘Cause it was meant to be.
I loved her companionship and laughter.
But most of all I loved her character as a person.
Now that the slow-moving train has swept her away
I wish she gets shown by love strong as an ocean breeze