The taker of each life,
You do not have black nor white,
Whether the richest or poorest,
You don’t discriminate.
The sinners or the saints,
You do what’s best for you.

You are the bringer of sorrow,
You took our loved ones and left us
With nothing, but sadness,
The emotion is deeply ingrained in our hearts.
You are the ultimate destiny of any living being
You knock at any door without notifying,
And you won’t cease, until you have your fill.

If I could know the day I will die,
I would be more ambitious,
And try to do everything not to let it reach me.
How about you enlighten us when you’re about to come?
So that we could say goodbye to our loved ones.

You do not compromise,
You only lie heavy on our shoulders,
And wrap us with your consolation.
You make us live in fear, we know we can die tomorrow,
And never live the old age like the generations before us,
You make us know that we are just temporary fixtures
In the universe, here for a set time.
You are our biggest enemy,
You live with us and,
You are the natural human trait.