For long I sat meditating
Alone and silent, deeper in thoughts
Craving the terrible mind-convicting desires
Walking in that magnificently-built tomorrow
Indeed! Consciously dozing in broad daylight

Cross-legged, arms folded I sat
Seeing her face bright like the sun in a clear summer sky
With her, each day like the sun never skips a day
Roving the streets with interlocked fingers
Truly! Head over heels in love with that beauty

For hours I did fold my arms
Dreaming of owning heavily filled-up coffers
Enough to pay for all the earthโ€™s gemstones
Responsibly enjoying all the so-called sweet tomorrows
Of course! Busting myself out of the cell of lack

Head in palms I prolonged my sitting
Visualising my name finally making headlines
Annually making the top identity of the Forbes List
Captured in everlasting smiles next to Oprah Winfrey
Indisputably! The most rich and famous emcee of all time

Then my head I shook
Rousing myself from the fanciful series of thoughts
Steadily offering a head-on gaze on reality
With a sudden mind-thrilling question within
Could such dreams ever conceive reality effortlessly?