In Maths solving x taught me x is the problem
Solving x taught me I have to deal with the problem
Following steps, I learnt not to jump to conclusions
In simultaneous ways I have to balance equations

My life is full of sadness, my eyes are full with tears
The world knocked me down on my knees
I became a laughing stock to everyone
I can run, but I cannot hide forever

It is painful to read those chapters again and again
When I look at myself in the mirror I become my own enemy
Time is speed and the clock is ticking non-stop
Time played and wasted never repeats itself

The negative mind always running upside down in my head
Everyone is there for me to witness the world swallowing my pride
The positive mind pushes me to never give up, to be a fighter not a loser
My life is not in competition, I am not competing with anyone

I will rather try a thousand times than surrender myself
Facing my challenges makes me strong not a coward
I will fall hundreds of times but always rise with my head first
My current situation is not yet my final destination

A wise man said, ‘See yourself as a winner whenever you lose’
Champions are the ones who lose many times, but fight back
Winners are the ones who never stop playing until they win
Gambling is a risk you lose many times but win and earn more

I am a warrior, I will grab the bull by the horns
Only Belief will take me where I want to go
I will try hard and not just hard, but harder to reach my destination
The journey might be long, but no matter how slow I go, I will arrive
It might not be today or tomorrow but I will never give up

I didn’t catch a big fish with my small net but I learned my lessons
A lazy workman always blames his tools, but am not a lazy man
I will rather struggle to cross a bridge, but I will cross it

Broken hearts swallow your saliva, let the pain flow through your veins
Pull up your socks and train again and go back to the race
Failing is the greatest birth in life, but gives birth to a wisdom
Even the strikers, sometime they score and sometimes they miss