Salute to the helping profession
You are born and well trained
You solve people’s problems and promote social changes
People might ignore the profession but you make a difference in people’s lives
You empathise with your client’s problems
Salute to all social workers
Social workers
You take clients problems and carry them to yourself
You are easily accessible and humble you understand a human being holistically
You bring back the African values and bring back the spirit of Ubuntu
Social workers
If we can have social workers that are born and not made
Then Social problems can eradicate
Human values and dignity can be instilled
Poverty can be eliminated
We would have HIV free generation
We can live in societies where a child would value and elderly person
We would be in societies where a girl child is seen as a little sister
We would be in societies where fight against alcohol and drug abuse be won
We need professionals like you in African and around the world
Continues fighting the battle