Be warned
This life is not a Game!
This is reality,
Abusing those drugs won’t get you anywhere.

Swearing at your elders
Does not prove your maturity,
Imitating what others are doing
Does not make you one of them,
Be yourself, believe in yourself,
Let us forget about cops and do good in our society,
Be warned, this life is dangerous!

Be a good kid, don’t rush for maturity
Your time will come,
Otherwise you’ll depart too soon…

I am urging South Africans
Don’t expect the government to make change,
Only you can make change.
You cannot change the world
But you can change your world.

I have realised that most of our kids
Are no longer kids but terrorists,
They don’t go anywhere
Without a knife or panga in pocket.
Is that life?

How I wish these words
Could sober our kids so that they may
Somehow reconsider
The life they’ve chosen.
Be safe, South Africa!