Building castles in the air
The flavour of love is an affair
Flair on my hair,
Creates stares everywhere
With a feather on my hat
Even a bundle of rags on flight
Looks like a hoard of treasure
Decadence of delicate delicacies
Served with a punnet of strawberries
That is the tingling taste is my tongue
All round up, walking backwards
Those stars that flatter the skies
Lighten up the dark with a full moon
I wake up early to see you in the afternoon
Is it too soon to call and say I dote on you
Call it infatuation or a crush, brush it off
Pay it no mind, the mystery is the wind
As it blows one up high to reach cloud nine
Yes as one reaches the seventh heaven
Just then like a pin pricking a balloon
“Hmm-hmm um what was that?”
Just day dreaming of what could be