Although doubt has become part of your DNA
And disappointment your identity.
Though you feel lost in the wild and have no escape.

Your last seeds of hope have been stamped on
By the greatest wild animal and there is no hope.

You feel alone and rejection has become part of your name
Because it the only thing your surroundings do,
They reject you in all possible ways.

You seek a cornerstone, you search for love, strength
To keep you going but all you receive is pain,
Insult and the recall of your trauma.

Despite all these, you still alive, still inhaling oxygen
And that’s the best part of this, because you have got this.

You are the star that shines brighter in the dark,
Too irresistible to ignore, you the young Sun
That shines after so many days of torrential rain.

So darling, rise up because you got this
And all it takes is you and you alone
To rise above your pain and start all over again.

You just need to tap into your inner self and connect,
Let the energy transfer and with that, begin to search deep within,
Because the deepest part of the soil is where treasures are found
And you are a treasure, you are valuable more than gold and silver.
So rise above your pain and let your light shine.